THE ADVENTURES of JOHN MAMA (Mizo Detective Story) Ziaktu : Zâma Khiangte

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Ka channel min hlutsaktute chungah lawmthu ka sawi a. Khawngaihin he video leh voice hi channel hming (watermark) thai bova min post chhawnsak lo turin ka ngen a che u.

Chapter — Time

Bung 1-na — 00:00:12
Bung 2-na — 00:03:47
Bung 3-na — 00:10:07
Bung 4-na — 00:18:42
Bung 5-na — 00:27:12
Bung 6-na — 00:37:56
Bung 7-na — 00:53:50

The content of this video is about a detective story, for the purpose of knowledge, education and to inspire and encourage others who do not have the value of wisdom & literature. It does not contain sexual, harmful and violent.

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