SAFF from TIGER KING, AD live interview [part 2]

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Welcome to the Armchair Detective channel.,
AD interviews Saff from Tiger King.
Exclusively tonight to the Armchair Detective channel we bring you a interview with one of the stars of the smash hit Netflix series Tiger King.
Among the workers at the zoo was Kelci “Saff” Saffery, who used to be a member of the US armed forces and toured Afghanistan and Iraq.
Saff is reportedly trans and goes by the "he/him" pronouns, according to author Robert Moor, who wrote about the zoo for New York Magazine.
The show details how Saff lost an arm during his time at the zoo - but what happened to the worker there and afterwards?
Episode two of Tiger King opens with an explanation of how Saffery lost an arm in a horrific accident.
During the filming of the documentary, the camera crew captured the aftermath of the tiger attack on Saff.
The GW employee was attacked after putting an arm through a cage and a big cat tried to rip it off.
As Saff tried to pull the arm out, the skin was ripped by the metal on the cage.
Saff was offered the opportunity of either an amputation or two years of reconstructive surgery.
The zoo worker decided to lose the arm and return to work.
In the series Saff said: “My biggest thing was derived from Joe. He said, ‘Our mission is to give these animals a fighting chance.’
“So, I knew if I stayed in that hospital, the media wins.
The guests views are not necessarily the views of the Armchair Detective channel or the channel creator.
“I see how much they blew it up into this horror story that I felt like the best thing to do was get right back to work. To set things right.”

Saff was back in the park working a mere five days after the amputation, a total of seven days in the hospital.

Despite losing the arm, Saffery didn’t have any ill will towards the park.

The zoo worker went on to say after returning to work: “This was just another day for me to overcome

“My attitude is nothing can bring me down and it’s really easy to do that here.”

In a recent interview on Lights Out With David Spade, Saff was pragmatic and said the day of the accident was a moment of “complacency”.

Saff said: “It’s not the fault of the tiger from my end and it’s not the fault of the tiger from the zoo’s itself.”

The tiger which attacked Saff wasn’t put down but just moved off the park and no longer interacted with the public.

Saff left the park in 2018 around the same time as Exotic, who is serving time in prison.

There have been many viewers who have been wondering what Joe is doing now and what happened to him.

Saff said he departed because “the reason I was there went away, so I left”.
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